Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Small Study Pieces

Blue Hills

When I travel in the RV, I like to have handwork in my lap. It helps the miles go by faster. I have a whole series of 8"x 10" studies that I have done. It's my chance to try different fabrics and beading techniques.

This study was exploring low contrast. I was doing great until the beige hills on the beige land got lost....then there were these interesting beads that I wanted to try out. And surely the rocks needed some interesting beads too. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Paths to Follow

Time to Say Good-By 

                (Con Ti Partiro)

This was my second entry in the annual
 Pacific Piece Maker Quilt Guild held in April 2014 in the Arts Center, Gualala, CA.

A little bit bitter sweet as this will most likely be my last entry in our guild's annual challenge. For me it was a way to say good by as I get ready to start a new chapter in my life in the beautiful North West. I created this quilt from a photo my husband took when we were visiting in Italy. I have always loved landscapes and this was like painting with strips of fabric.

The piece is 28" by 36". All cotton fabrics used and if you look closely you can see the subtle beading. I used both the front and back of some of the fabrics. I like the little path that winds trough the hillside village as it reminds me of the paths we take in life. Everyday is an adventure and who knows what surprises will be around the corner?

Try Something NEW !

Annual Pacific Piece Makers Quilt Guild Challenge

" Magic Triangles"

This is a little departure from my usual style my friends tell me. But....LOL I was captivated by the Lonnie Rossi fabric (lonnirossi.com)  that was sold in a Jelly Roll. I only had the fabric  for 5 years before the perfect use for it appeared. 

I was at the  Santa Clara Pacific International Quilt Festival and saw a demonstration of a cutting tool. It was just a simple 90 degree triangle but the booth demos showed how to sew six jelly roll strips into tube. Then you cut then up and magically they turn into two different sets of 9 blocks of banded colors. When when you put them together the combinations are endless.  Needless to say I played with them on the design wall for a long time. It's fun to try something new and this project was  perfect for our annual Quilt Guild Retreat to Healdsburg, CA.