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Sunday, September 11, 2022

 A Special Commission

                                   The Journey of Richard and Debby

This quilt was a special commission for some friends. It started with a rough sketch of the general idea and specified that there be certain objects incorporated in the quilt. 

The image was to have a Pink Floyd Image with the local light house, bridges and sound ferry. The sky was to be a Maxwell Parrish pink sky.  

The mountains were Mammoth with their ski lifts and two small boy and girl angels hidden in the trees.  

This shot shows the Mt Reiner and the beading and Swarovski crystals.  

A Personal Quilt

           Sea Grape Harbor 

This quilt was made for my 
Sister in Law, Wendy Rex. It was a large quilt about 4' x 4'. I created the quilt from my imagination. The sea grapes leaves were three dimensional.

Inserted on the quilt were various sea birds that were favorites of Wendy.

The beach had star fishes and various sea shells .

This image shows some of the beading that was incorporated in the quilt. Also the three dimensional sea grapes are shown in this image.  

English Paper Piecing

                 Mandala Magic

This is a large piece 60" x 60" inches.  Each of the pieces was wrapped around a piece of paper and secured with glue. Then the pieces were hand whipped stitched together. It took a long time to complete this project.  Almost a year,  


Wednesday, April 6, 2022

 Under Sea Queen

A self portrait I did for an Art group I am in. 
It was small. 12" x 14" inches.

 Seahorse Ebba

The design was a Laura Heine creation. This seahorse was first done on a film, The cartoon of the seahorse was underneath the film. Then the motifs were added to the design . The motifs had adhesive on the reverse side. Size 23X42. It was fun picking out the different motifs I wanted to use. 


Fall Leaves

This panel was done from an experiment using bleach and black cloth. The leaves were laid on the black fabric and sprayed with bleach, Every black fabric comes out a different color. In this case the result was a rusty orange. I then appliqued some leaves on top of the silhouette. 

This is a detail of the quilt showing the beading of the leaves. Some of the leaves were done with Swarovrski crystals and some were done with hand beading. The quilt was donated to the International Aphasia Movement.  



Friday, July 16, 2021


 Hanging Scrolls

The inspiration for this quilt came from a book. Kake - Jiku, or hanging scrolls. They were the beautiful scrolls found in many Japanese homes. A long piece of Japanese paper or silk onto which a work of calligraphy or a piece of art work was mounted.

There were 15 designs that were reminiscent of the hanging scrolls. All of the designs were created using applique. Some feature fabric origami, where two pieces were sewn together and folded into shapes of three-dimensional flowers. Other designs use Sashiko, a Japanese version of a quilting stitch. 

I worked on this quilt for the year of Covid 19. It was my "Go To" project that kept me going. 

Some of the blocks on my design wall.

This block featured little origami flowers.