Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Unicorn at A River Runs Through

Gig Harbor Quilt Guild - President's Challenge

A fun challenge from our guild President Barbara Kadden. We were each given a strip of the blue batik "river" fabric and instructed to create a 12" by 24" quilt with no borders. The quilts will be displayed next to each other so that it appears that the river run through each quilt connecting them to each other. I hope to capture a photo of all the quilts to share. 

                                                                Detail of the Unicorn  The quilt measures 12" x 24" . Made of cotton fabrics. I used machine applique, thread painting, beading and swavarski crystals. It is machine quilted with metallic threads. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Small Experiments

Exploring Salmon

The Challenge of a New Color !

 Salmon or orange is a new color for me. One that I do not generally use other than for accents. I challenged myself to use primarily orange and it's analogous color neighbors from my stash.

Sunrise (20"x15") Cotton with bead embellishments, Free motion quilting

       Sunset (20"x15")

Friday, May 1, 2015

Quilt Inspirations 

A New book for Quilters

 Looking for exciting and innovative ways to create your next art quilt?  This NEW book has a thousand color photos with creative techniques.

Two of my quilts were judged and accepted into this book.

California Coastline. 9" x 11", cotton, Original.

Whether you are a quilter or a collector, this book is sure to inspire your appreciation of the art of quilt making. 

Spanning generations and international cultures, the book showcases intricate techniques, innovative design, and dynamic use of color. From traditional to contemporary the images offer quilters of all persuasions an idea on every page to inspire new projects. 

You can purchase this book from:

Midwest Monsoon,  9" x 11", Cotton, 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sea Ranch Chapel  Quilt

Created to celebrate 30th anniversary of a unique chapel. 

The quilt is machine appliqued and hand beaded with glass and Chrystal beads. It measures 27” by 22”. The fabrics are a combination of cotton hand dyed and commercial fabrics.

This Sea Ranch Chapel is located in California along the Sonoma coast on Highway One. It is open to the public from Sunrise to Sunset.

It was completed in the beautiful Desert Aire Quilting Studio, Indio, CA. in January and February of 2015.  The Chapel was designed by the famous Architectural Designer ( San Diego ) James Hubbell.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Comma Cubes

Experiments in Sashings and Settings

This Two sided quilt hangs free in the April Challenge show of the
Pacific Quilt Makers Guild annual show. Gualala Arts Center, Gualala, California.

I found this fun Moda fabric Charm Pack in Vancouver, British Columbia. 
I loved the graphics and the many colorways: chartreuse, tangerine, gold,  black and white. 
I made the diagonal setting first and then created the flip side to match the size.
 All cotton fabrics.   56" X 62".

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spirit at Work in Quilting

They say that everyone gets their three minutes of fame some time during their life time. I feel like I got mine this last weekend. I helped the author Chris Boersma Smith welcome the public to a book signing and quilt show.      
             This isn't a "How To" book on quilting, but rather a "Why We Do "quilting book. The book shares the true stories about quilters of different faiths who experience the emotional, spiritual and interpersonal benefits of making quilts. I am one of the quilters who shares where my imagination and joy of quilting comes from. The book also has suggestions or exercises to foster your personal connection between Creativity, Spirituality and Quilting. 
   Chris Smith, standing in front of my quilt, Buckbeak's Return   2008  (38"x 48")
If you would like to review the book, contact the author or buy a copy. go to:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Small Study Pieces

Blue Hills

When I travel in the RV, I like to have handwork in my lap. It helps the miles go by faster. I have a whole series of 8"x 10" studies that I have done. It's my chance to try different fabrics and beading techniques.

This study was exploring low contrast. I was doing great until the beige hills on the beige land got lost....then there were these interesting beads that I wanted to try out. And surely the rocks needed some interesting beads too.