Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spirit at Work in Quilting

They say that everyone gets their three minutes of fame some time during their life time. I feel like I got mine this last weekend. I helped the author Chris Boersma Smith welcome the public to a book signing and quilt show.      
             This isn't a "How To" book on quilting, but rather a "Why We Do "quilting book. The book shares the true stories about quilters of different faiths who experience the emotional, spiritual and interpersonal benefits of making quilts. I am one of the quilters who shares where my imagination and joy of quilting comes from. The book also has suggestions or exercises to foster your personal connection between Creativity, Spirituality and Quilting. 
   Chris Smith, standing in front of my quilt, Buckbeak's Return   2008  (38"x 48")
If you would like to review the book, contact the author or buy a copy. go to: