Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This Year's Challenge

Last year's guild challenge 2007 was "Flights of Fantasy". It was a struggle for me to get my ideas into reality....I had started with a pre-conceived idea about what I thought I needed to do.....Big Mistake....After 3 days and 1 blog.....I trashed the whole thing and decided I would just make a quilt that was exciting to me. My creativity took wing and I was really happy with the quilt that I created. I earned the comment; "Best interpretation of theme" from one of the viewers.

Now it's that time again, and I am working on this year's challenge quilt. The Challenge is
" I found It in the Library" I did the same thing, and created a quilt that was fun and challenging to me, then I found a book that fit. It's called "Buckbeak's Return". I wonder if you can guess where my idea came from?

A Fine New Year

How nice to have a brand new year to start over again.........Surely this one will not fly away as quickly as the last one...? I had a computer melt down last year and a new email address so finding my Blog again this year was a challenge but I did it so I am happy. My goal this year is at least 12 a month would be nice but let's not get overly excited....

This is the new friend who is visiting our windows to entertain the cats....especially on rainy days.