Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Bonnet

It seems Easter has come and gone and I am still thinking about my Easter Hat.

I had to invent an excuse to have one this year. Missing family reunions, regular church attendance and those type of events, I went to a ladies "Tea".

My God. ! With a "Fashion Show" no less.....

Generally NOT my type of thing.... BUT I got to make my hat and wear it all afternoon.

There is just something so wonderful about "dress-up" and this hat was my excuse to play dressup. I made it the night before from all those wonderful things that I keep in many, many drawers. My "someday drawers" ..... You just never know when you are going to need nine yards of organza wire ribbon, 2 dozen silk spring flowers and 5 lace buterflies. What's in your "Some day drawers?"

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Revalani said...

Hi, Donna! I love your hat. I have several drawers, plus storage bins, plus boxes here and there, of "someday" stuff. Mine include feathers I've collected on my walks, miscellaneous beads, old leather boot laces, buttons dating back to my maternal great-grandmother's day, duplicate photo prints (for collaging), cool paper, greeting cards, calendars... it goes on and on!