Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trailer Travels

I am not sure where 2011 went. Suddenly its 2012. I know 4 months of last year went away across the country to Canada and and back. We visited 22 states and the Canadian Provence's of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward's Island and New Brunswick. We visited National Parks, beautiful cities, great museums, family and friends. It was a long trip filled with many memories and beautiful images. I took along my little Jenome sewing machine but did not get much quilting done. Hiking and sight seeing left me pretty tired by the end of each day.
But I do have many beautiful photographs of the places we visited. I hope to translate these into some great art quilts. "Trailer Travels" is the comfort quilt I made for my husband to remember this once in a lifetime trip. He wanted a big enough quilt to snuggle up in at night in his favorite easy chair in the trailer. It had to be long enough to cover his toes he said.

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